I am having problems Registering my account. 

Sorry about that! We are working on delivering a better sign up registration shortly. In the meantime, below are some common issues and fixes. 

  • Desired Location: Please select a location where you would be most interested in taking your next opportunity (you can select up to five locations). In order to make your selection, begin typing your desired location and select it from the drop-down. To indicate that your selection has saved, a gray box with the location preference will be located below the original text field.
  • NPI Number: Please enter your NPI Number. At Enzyme, we will not display any of your license numbers provide, these are used to verify your eligibility for the Enzyme Network.
  • School Attended: Please select the University in which you completed your education. In order to make a selection, begin typing the name of the school and select your school. Helpful Hint: You must select a drop-down option. Typing in your school will block your ability to complete registration. If your school is not on the list, please contact 

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